A Professional Approach From Crescent Orthodontics

  • Initial Consultation

    At this visit we will carry out a full clinical examination of the dentition as well as facial features which can be affected by the size and shape of the underlying jaws. Facial and dental features can also be affected by habits such as thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting or mouth breathing.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

    Every patient is different and some patients have unique problems. Consequently, it is necessary to collate information from the patient's clinical records -- study models of the teeth, xrays of the teeth and jaws and clinical photographs -- to formulate a customised treatment plan for each patient.

  • Active Treatment

    Orthodontic treatment can vary considerably from patient to patient. The very young patient can benefit from simple treatment to help the dentition develop in a more normal way; the majority of teenage and adult patients require treatment with fixed appliances (traintrack braces) in metal or clear form while, in a minority of cases, we may need to involve a periodontist, restorative dentist or oral surgeon to achieve the best result.

  • Debond (Brace Removal) and Retention

    Having worked together to get your teeth into the best possible position, the great day arrives when braces are removed (debonded). It is most important to maintain the corrected position of the teeth and retainers are worn to achieve this. Discreet retainer wires can be bonded on the tongue side of the upper or lower front teeth in addition to removable clear or traditional acrylic and wire retainers which are worn at night.