Some Testimonials For Crescent Orthodontics

  • My three children needed some orthodontic work done and my dentist recommended Dr. Des McElroy. Des and his team provided a wonderful service at all times -- professional, friendly, supportive and informative. The whole experience was just so convenient with appointments scheduled to easily fit in with our busy lives. We are delighted with the results.

    What A Smile

    Ruth Lawless, Howth, Co Dublin

  • I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the result of your treatment of Sarah's teeth, with how efficient you and your staff were and with the overall care that you took with her.
    Much appreciated.

    A Wonderful Result

    Michelle Dowling, Dublin 5

  • Over 20 years ago I first attended Desmond McElroy’s orthodontic practice for work on my own teeth. As a child I had work done in Holland but it was never completed. Now, 20 years later, having perfect teeth myself and having had my 3 children attending as well, I have nothing but praise. The professional running; the friendly staff (some there from about 20 years ago which nowadays is very unusual); modern equipment and techniques but most of all the results of the treatments tell their own stories. For my eldest daughter, now 19, the self confidence she gained is priceless. Her teeth were at such an angle in her mouth, she would never have been able to smile without covering her mouth. For my middle daughter, 17 years old, the treatment wasn’t that extensive but the results were the same: huge big smile and more confidence. Only a few weeks ago my 14 year old son finished his treatment and is delighted with the result. If you look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs you realise how bad their teeth were. The fact that 4 out of the 5 members of my family attended him should say enough.

    Before And After

    Annelies O’Flynn, Co. Meath<
  • My three children have attended Dr McElroy's practice over the last 8 years, each presenting with different problems. The end result though was identical for the three - perfect teeth. It was a feat of science combined with engineering and it was a joy to behold their teeth moving in the right direction! When Dr Mc Elroy shows me the before and after photographs of my children it is very moving to see how they have progressed from being young children with unfortunate teeth alignment to being teenagers with beautiful smiles. I was also very impressed that the treatment includes the services of Jillian the dental hygienist, who showed the children how to care for their teeth - there is no point in having straight teeth if they are stained, in a mouth with poor gum health but very few practices offer this in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. It is now routine for them to maintain their own dental hygiene. The entire team is friendly, professional and caring and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr McElroy's orthodontic practice.

    A Wonderful Result

    Evelyn Jones, Swords

  • Before Charlotte's treatment her confidence was low because of her smile but now she's much more confident and full of smiles.
    Dr. McElroy was a perfectionist from start to finish and we are very pleased with the end result. The staff were very helpful and accommodating and the facility to spread the cost of treatment over two years was also a great help to us

    Great Smile

    Eileen Carroll, Dublin 5


  • My three daughters attended Mr. McElroy’s Orthodontic practice and I was delighted with the results he achieved. The practice is professional and friendly and the ability to spread the payments over a set period of time was much appreciated. My daughters and I were kept fully informed of progress made and results expected. Mr. McElroy was approachable at all times as were all the members of his staff. Well done!

    Great Result
    Julie Kennedy, Dublin 9

  • Raoul had prominent front teeth. Now, after two years with the best of treatment, he has the perfect smile.


    Great Smile

    Celestine O'Farrell, Dublin


  • Our son attended Dr McElroy's practice for 2 years to correct his jaw position, overbite and straighten his teeth. From the initial consultation where Des explained the treatment and process required, right to his last check up, Finn received excellent care and attention. We are very happy with the whole experience, cost and payment options and most importantly, the results which were fantastic. We could not recommend any higher.

    Great Result
    Deirdre Thompson, Dublin


  • Our Commitment To Excellence Is Reflected In Your Smile

    I cannot stop smiling!! I finally have the "Hollywood smile" I always wanted and it's all thanks to Dr Mc Elroy and his team. I was anxious about getting braces in my mid twenties but Dr Mc Elroy assured me it would be worth it in the end and he was right. Now everyone notices and compliments my teeth. The surgery is great and runs very smoothly, I never had to wait more than a few minutes in the waiting room and they were very accommodating at organising early appointments to suit my work hours.
    Carol Durack

    From the very start I was met with a professional, friendly and efficient team in a relaxed environment. At all times the team went out of their way to be flexible at short notice when meetings or things came up in work. I used to hide my mouth when I smiled but now I am filled with confidence and am not afraid to smile anymore. My self confidence has been raised tremendously thanks to you.
    Lisa Durack

  • Great
    Joann, Lisa and Carol Durack, Malahide, Co. Dublin

  • I am very pleased to write a testimonial for Dr Des McElroy. He has cared for my orthodontic patients with the utmost professionalism for many years.The depth of care extended to them has been to the highest standards. I believe his results stand up to national and international scrutiny. The long term value of the treatment provided by Dr Mc Elroy has been a striking comment made by grateful patients and their parents.

    Mr. Reamon Ryan - Dental Surgeon

  • As a Dentist practicing in Dublin for 28 years I have been referring patients requiring orthodontic treatment to Dr. Des McElroy. My patients always felt they had been cared for extremely well and all returned very satisfied with the results of treatment. Two of my children had orthodontic treatment carried out by Dr. McElroy. Great care and attention with excellent results.

    Dr. Martin Tier - Dental Surgeon

  • I have referred orthodontic patients to Dr Des Mc Elroy's practice for many years. I am very pleased with the quality of results achieved for my patients and the attentive level of communication with me as a referring dentist. My patients and their parents are very satisfied with the service provided by Dr Mc Elroy and his staff who are friendly, helpful and professional at all times. The strongest recommendation I can give is that I have referred my own family to benefit from Des' expert treatment.

    Dr. Chris O'Hanlon - Dental Surgeon

  • A Great Result


    I am grateful to patients, parents and dentists who have kindly provided these testimonials.